Vicki McMurry

One lifetime is not enough to create a multitude of manifestations that run through Vicki McMurry’s mind. In over 800 paintings, she has created the essence of perfect balance in color that yields luminosity and expanded spatial grandeur. She invites the viewer in to explore harmonious contemporary expressionism, to absorb her work, to travel with her as she summons the direction of art in our time.
As a child of Russian and Australian immigrants, her work reflects a rich cultural blend.


Along with a study of the old masters and contemplation on the work of her contemporaries, her aesthetic legacy awaits your attentive consideration. As a landscape artist, she paints to influence the soul’s equanimity with colors and brushstrokes that shine brightly in the light and glow with depth in the dark. Her canvases exude emotion that joins personal intent with visual collaboration to be interpreted by viewers.