Steve Wariner

Steve Wariner is an American country music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and painter.

When asked what inspired Wariner to stretch beyond his well-known guitar virtuosity and show some of his original artwork, he explained that his father was not only a musician; he painted and drew as well. Additionally, his brother had a gift for creative drawing, which familiarized Wariner early on with visual art.


“There is a really odd and unique connection between musicians and artists. I guess it’s that creative side of the brain that we tend to have,” said Steve. “Take Eric Clapton, for example. You can tell a story through a piece of artwork just as you can through writing a song.”


Back in high school, Steve was inspired by his late art teacher, Gordon Morrison, to whom he owes a great deal of his success.

In The Sound
Indian Chief
Martha White's Grand Ole Opry
Navajo Indian
Old Man's Card Game
Rusty Tractor
Rodeo Cowboys
Moores Barn