Bob Jones

Bob Jones grew up in Old Hickory Tennessee, a picturesque, planned community built solely for the

employees of the Du Pont manufacturing plant located nearby where both of his parents worked.

Most Saturdays were spent at the matinees watching movies where Bob became enamored with

stories of the Wild West His heroes included the likes of Roy Rogers, Lash Larue, and Gene Autry. It was

while listening to those singing cowboys in front of the radio that Bob began drawing. He would

draw from memory the images he recalled from the big screen as well as images from his favorite

comic books, and by that time, the characters started to include the usual comic book heroes like

Batman and Superman in addition to the cowboys and Indians.


His love of art led him to a college degree from a small art school in Nashville, Tennessee where he

studied design, gure anatomy, photography, painting, lettering, composition, and Illustration.

Those talents were called upon working at a small printing company which was eventually acquired

by the world famous Sun Records. Bob rose through the artist ranks to become Art Director and

worked on many classic album covers that featured, among others, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy

Orbison, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Dolly Parton. He would later go on to become a freelance

artist doing album covers in various mediums including photography. His clients included the

biggest stars of the day across many genres. His advertising work was included in many of the inuential

music industry publications like Billboard, R and R, Cashbox, and Music City News.

Bob draws his inspiration from a variety of subjects. His particular elds of interest are, Historical

Figures, Western Cowboys, Native American Indians, Music Legends, and Homeless People. His artistic

style crosses many mediums as well, although his current focus is his magnicent pen and ink



In Bob’s words, "My style in pen and ink drawings is very detailed and I have perfected a very distinctive

style after years as a working artist. It is a layering of hundreds of thousands of tiny pen strokes

producing a rich blend of textures with my technical pen. Although very time consuming, it is surprisingly

versatile. It allows me to create textures and details in a wide range. These drawings are de-

nitely the best work I have done and I feel like I am just getting started."

Bob met his wife Ann while in art school. They have been married forty three years, have raised two

daughters, and currently reside in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

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